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Pay less: WePyk rides are 25% cheaper than the competion. Our static and personalized pricing system makes your ride unique and special to fit your budget and meet your schedule.

Ride more: WePyk system increases your riding frequency so you can go places without financial constraints.

Save money: We use simple factors that riders control to fix our fares so riders can avoid overpaying on rides and peak time that increases the fares.

On-time pickup: Scheduling your ride in advance gives more time to secure a driver and prepare for your work ride or airport ride so you can always be on time.

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I use rideshare for work everyday, and I needed a reliable service to schedule my rides. Turns up, WePyk launched, and I tried it; I can speak from experience. WePyk is reliable and affordable. I used to spend $25 for a trip to work, but now, I spend $17 for the same trip with WePyk. I save over $70 a week. You should try.

Lisa S.

Polary instructor

I used to spend $420 a month with other rideshare companies, but with WePyk, I save $120 every month. Recommended.

Kevin F.

Assistant manager

Since my pregnancy, this company has helped me a lot. I pay $8.8 for a ride that cost $12.8 on other rideshare companies.


Big Lots Associate

Peace of mind now I can rely on something and pay a price that does not hurt my bank.

Sherrise W.

High School Cook

How we protect you

To support you in the rare event of an accident, all rides include liability insurance up to $1M USD.

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